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First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my page and learn more about what I do. There are a lot of great resources out there, and it means a lot that you found your way here. It is my supreme honor to support so many beautiful souls like you on their journeys to awaken their inner light, power, magic and joy.

I believe that we are all spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting physical bodies for our own enjoyment, learning and growth. I believe that you deserve a life that is beautiful, joyous, magical and awe-inspiring. 

I believe that we are all here to share and express our own inner light, our divinity, within our world, and that the world now eagerly awaits our awakening. 

I understand that life does not always seem magical. For many, that inner light is clouded by pain, fear, confusion, frustration and disillusionment. I know what it is to feel lost, alone, to completely lose hope. And wherever you are in your own life journey I am here to support you. To point you back towards the path to your own divinity.

I can help you to find meaning in your struggles.  I can help you to understand and align your spiritual path.  I help you identify and clear blocks to your spiritual development.  And most importantly, I can connect you with your own internal resources, intuition and inner divinity.

I am a teacher, healer, guide and colleague to each of my clients.  We walk on this path together.  Together we rediscover the light.

The sessions definitely helped me become more self-aware and allowed me to reflect on my life and the decisions I have made and will continue to make. I loved that the messages were so positive even though there are obviously things I need to work on!

Westchester, NY

Here are some ways that we can work together
to transform your life :

Intuitive readings

Whether you are grappling with an important decision, striving for a healthier lifestyle, or just wanting to gain a better understanding of your inner self and your soul’s path, these sessions can help you to reach your goals.

Using my intuition I am able to tap into the universal source of truth and wisdom, and to communicate with highly evolved spirit guides and angels. Messages are always life affirming, inspiring, heart-based, and intended to help you:

  • Understand yourself better
  • Discover your purpose in life
  • Identify your personal strengths
  • Enhance your health, wealth and relationships
  • Discover your optimal nutrition and exercise plan
  • Recognize and overcome obstacles to success
  • Make important decisions
  • Live with a greater sense of joy and fulfillment

Intuitive readings can be conducted in person at my office in Del Mar, California or over the phone; readings may be conducted for yourself or on the behalf of a minor child.  I do not conduct readings of other adults without their permission.

Remote Readings (without client present)

Remote readings are conducted remotely, giving clients the benefit of being location independent. This can still allow for a deeper dive into the client’s energy field and a more direct spiritual connection. Each reading is unique but may include information about a client’s energy system, past lives, karmic obligations, as well as, including suggestions to improve the individual’s health, wealth, relationships and overall sense of well-being. Remote readings are also great for clients who would like a treatment but do not have time to take part in a session.  Most clients report a deeper sense of peacefulness and wellbeing after these sessions.

Remote sessions are great for:

  • Busy people who would like an intuitive reading but don’t have the time to devote to a full in-person session.
  • A quick energy tune-up, that allows for more flexible scheduling and less direct client involvement
  • Clients who would like me to take a deeper dive into their energy system to reveal information that may not come up during a one-to-one reading
  • Clients who would like to have a record of information that came through during the session
  • Remote sessions can also be conducted on behalf of a minor child.

Sessions are by appointment only.

Intuitive Coaching

I use my intuition to connect you with your own highest wisdom guidance,  to help you transform yourself and your life, and to awaken your own intuition.  Intuitive coaching sessions are for clients who want to be more involved in their own healing and growth, as well as those looking for concrete skills and strategies for actioning the messages from their guides to effect change in themselves and their lives.

Intuitive coaching can help you to:

  • Awaken and strengthen your connection to your intuition
  • Learn tools and strategies to manage your energy and cope with intuitive empathy
  • Deal with challenges in a more conscious way and overcome blocks to your personal growth and success
  • Receive ongoing support in improving your health, wealth, career, and relationships
  • Tap into your intuition as part of your work as a professional healer or helper and receive intuitive guidance on how best to work with your own patients/clients

Intuitive Coaching Sessions are suitable for children, teens and adults. 

Sessions are 45-minutes in length and are in-person in my office in Del Mar, California or by phone or video conference.  (Longer sessions may be available for an additional fee).

Sessions are by appointment only.

Intuitive Parenting

Parents naturally have hopes and dreams for their children. But, I believe that the primary challenge of parenthood is to support our children in following their own, unique paths whatever it may be.   My work as a parent coach draws on my intuitive gifts as well as my background in counseling, education and developmental psychology.

Intuitive parenting sessions can help you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your child from the soul perspective
  • Discover your child’s innate strengths and abilities
  • Improve your relationship with your child
  • Identify and address common emotional,  behavioral, social and academic issues
  • Promote your child’s optimal growth and development
  • Become a more effective and intuitive parent

Intuitive parenting sessions can be conducted in person at my office in Del Mar, California, or by phone or video conference.  Your child does not to be physically present for these sessions.

For Children and Teens

Children are naturally intuitive, but as we grow most of us lose connection with our spiritual knowing.  Intuitive coaching sessions can help children and teens reconnect with their own intuitive gifts and to navigate the demands and struggles of life from a more spiritually informed perspective.  I especially enjoy working with highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive children, helping them learn to function in the world while drawing on and developing their personal intuitive gifts.

Sessions with children and teens can help them to:

  • Learn tools and strategies for dealing with stress, worries, and fears
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Make important decisions
  • Navigate friendships and romantic relationships
  • Address academic difficulties
  • Manage intuitive empathy and develop healthy energetic boundaries
  • Develop and maintain their innate intuitive gifts

 in Intuitive School and College Consulting

This is one of my favorite services that I offer! Intuitive college consulting combines my background and training as a school counselor with my intuitive gifts. For many teens deciding where they go to college is the first major life choice that they make independently. Intuitive college consulting can help students listen to the call of their soul in navigating the college search process.

Students are inundated with information about the “best” and “most prestigious” schools, but this has little to do with what will be the right match for each individual student. Intuitive college consulting sessions will help students to connect with the schools and opportunities that will best serve them on their soul’s path, and where they will gain friends, skills, and experiences most needed to move forward in their lives.

Intuitive college consulting works best when the student comes prepared with a list of schools to discuss. Occasionally, I receive guidance about specific schools that the student may not have considered, but this is not the main focus of these sessions.  These sessions are conducted in person, by phone or video chat or remotely, depending on client preference.

Sessions are 45-minutes in length and are in-person at my office in Del Mar, California, by phone, or video conference. (Longer sessions may be available for an additional fee).

Sessions are by appointment only.

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