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Why do people come to you?

Clients come to me for many reasons. They may be searching for a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life, and feel a longer to connect with their own spiritual wisdom. They may be struggling with their health, careers, relationships, emotional wellbeing, and are looking for support in working through these difficulties. I also work with a great many souls who come to me for support with all stages of the parenting process. From new mothers, to parents of adult children, I can offer support and guidance towards navigating one of the most important, and potentially transformative life experiences.  Clients also come to me to learn how to deepen their connection to their own intuition. Intuitive guidance is available to each of us, and the more we learn to decode the language of our souls the better able we are to navigate the twists and turns of our journeys on earth.

What do you mean by “Intuitive?”

Intuition is the mode by which each of us receive spiritual guidance.  It is a direct form of “knowing” that works apart from and differently than our logical, linear minds.  Everyone has access to their intuition, but some of us have developed these gifts to a greater degree so as to be of service to others. Everyone experiences their intuition differently.  For me, my intuitive guidance allows me to read my client’s energy to look for emotional pain points and dysfunctional belief systems that may be getting in the way of their spiritual growth and general sense of wellbeing.   I also receive information about my client’s past lives, pre-birth planning (your soul’s plans for your present life), and how specific life struggles may play into your soul’s plan.  As an intuitive medium I am also able to connect with spirit guides, deceased loved ones, as well as my client’s highest selves to pass on messages and guidance.  My greatest joy is helping my clients to increase their own intuitive awareness, so that they can connect with this important form on guidance on their own.


What do you mean by “spirit guides?”

Despite how it might sometimes seem, we’re not on our earthly journeys alone.  We all have divine guidance, in spirit form, here to support us.  Each of us come into this world with one or more spirit guides that are here to support us on our earthly adventure. My guides are highly evolved spirits, some of whom, have worked with me over multiple lifetimes. My guides are here to assist in my work as a teacher, healer, and helper. Spirit guides may also be individuals whom we have known in this incarnation but have passed on, as well as angels and saints, and other wise and loving beings. What is important is to recognize that this guidance is available to all of us, throughout our lives. My work is to connect my clients with this divine source of wisdom and support.

What do you mean by “energy healing?”

Quantum physics teaches us that everything is energy, this includes not only our physical bodies, but also our thoughts, emotions and spiritual selves.  When I conduct an intuitive reading for a client I am actually reading their energy patterns, as well as connecting with the energy of their higher selves and spirit guides.  Where appropriate, I can draw on the power of focused awareness to “move” clients’ energy in order to help clients release energetic blocks that may be impairing their mental, emotional and/or physical health.   This may include tuning into and releasing emotional blocks in the physical body, the chakra system, and/or addressing and releasing karmic energy patterns that may have developed over multiple lifetimes on earth.   I also empower clients to discover and work with their own energy systems, so that they are able to continue this important work on their own and develop their own unique energy healing gifts.

What are the differences between Intuitive Coaching and Counseling?

Both intuitive coaching and counseling can help to address and heal the issues that may be holding you back from experiencing your best and brightest self.  Both may include information about your life’s path, traumas that may have occurred in this life or previous ones, as well as channeled messages from your spirit guides. Both modalities may include meditation, visualization and energy work.   Intuitive coaching, unlike counseling, is not intended to treat any mental health issues and cannot be used as a replacement for the services of a licensed mental health professional.  Although I have a doctorate in psychology and am a Licensed Professional Counselor, in my capacity as a coach, I do not diagnose or treat any mental health condition or employ treatment modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or EMDR, that are typically only reserved for trained mental health counselors.  Many of my coaching clients work with other licensed professionals to address their mental health needs (if needed).

What are past life readings and how do they work?

I believe that we are all spiritual beings, who chose to incarnate again and again into physical bodies for our own learning and growth.

Past life readings look back into the lives you led in previous incarnations to help you understand where your soul has been and how past life experiences may impact your life today.  Unresolved issues and traumatic experiences from our past incarnations, can often impact our present day lives.  Past life readings are not the same thing as past life regression. In a past life regression, you are guided to go back in your memory to past lives through hypnosis. In a past life reading, I will use my intuition to uncover any past lives that may be contributing to your present difficulties, and help you uncover any wisdom to be gained from, and release any remaining traumas as a result of these experiences.

Do you work with children?

My professional training is as a school counselor, and I enjoy doing intuitive coaching sessions with children, tweens and teens.  For younger children, I find that in-person sessions are best to allow for a more interactive and hands on approach.  Phone and video sessions are usually better suited for older children and teens who are more verbally inclined.  Another way I work with children of all ages is through remote energy sessions.  Since these sessions do not require the client to be present, they are a great choice for very young children and/or those for whom in person sessions are not practical or possible. The final way, I can support my younger clients is through intuitive parenting sessions.

What can I expect from a typical session?

Every session is different because each individual is unique, and your needs may vary considerably during different periods in your life and even from one session to the next. That said sessions typically consist of an intuitive reading, followed by a discussion of this reading with the client. The messages are always positive and life affirming, and will support you in making important decisions, maintaining optimal health, and living this life to its fullest. These messages may contain guidance on how to find meaning in and work through your current life struggles.  They may also help to provide information about important next steps in your life.

Do you take insurance?
Unfortunately, intuitive coaching is not considered to be a mental health service and is not typically covered by your health insurance.  I am a Licensed Counselor in the state of Connecticut and offer intuitive counseling services only in that state.  Intuitive Counseling services are often reimbursable by insurance.  Please click here to learn more about my work as an intuitive counselor.
How do I set up a session with you?

Sessions are always scheduled in advance.  I do my best to see new clients as soon as possible, but it is always best to try to plan at least a few weeks in advance as my schedule does tend to fill up.  Sessions are offered both virtually and in my office in Westport, Connecticut.  The best way to schedule a session is to reach out to be my phone or email.  I typically return calls within 24-48 hours, and may respond more promptly to emails.   Once we connect we can set up a time that works well for both of us.   I also offer a free 20 minute phone consultation if you would like to get to know more about me and how I work before scheduling a formal session.

Can I get a recording of the session?

Although I do not record the sessions, you are welcome to do so. Some of my clients take advantage of their IPhone applications to record our calls. Others put the calls on speaker phone so that they can record the conversations with conventional recording devices.

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