EP 101: The Magic of Emotion Code featuring Rebecca Packard

Mar 7, 2022

Have you ever heard the expression, “the issues are in the tissues?” In this episode, we explore how our emotions can become stuck on our bodies and get in the way of our optimal well being.  This week’s guest, Rebecca Packard helps clients create emotional balance, release trapped emotions, and live free using a combination of modalities including Emotion & Body Code.

Episode highlights:

  • The awakening journey is a continuing process, and not necessarily a single, discrete event. 
  • Rebecca combines her background in emergency medicine and combines that with Emotion Code and her intuition to help clients remove and alchemize negative frequencies.
  • Negative emotions create a physical imprint in our bodies that can lead to dis-ease. 
  • When we release negative frequencies we begin to magnetize the experiences we want instead of the ones we don’t want.
  • Our brains and bodies are wired to hang on to more negative emotions than positive. We can reverse this negativity bias by focusing our attention more on our positive thoughts and experiences. 
  • There are really no “bad” emotions, and all of our experiences serve an important role in human and spiritual journey.
  • We pick up and hold emotions unconsciously but we have the ability to release them.
  • When you do your own inner healing work, the relationships around you often shift. Clearing away your own emotional baggage, paves the way for others to put down their own baggage too. 
  • Busy minds and strong emotions can block your intuition.  As you start to clear your mind, emotions and energy field,  your intuition becomes stronger and clearer.

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Podcast: Live Free with Rebecca Packard

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