EP7: Following Your Joy

Apr 20, 2020

“Joy is your natural spiritual state and your birthright.”

Most of us want to be happy and experience more joy in our lives, but few of us actually know how to tap into our own naturally joyous state.  Following our joy is the path to a more meaningful life because the things that bring us a deep sense of joy also keep us more closely aligned with the call of our soul.  Learning to follow our joy will help us live the life that our soul intended for us.  

In this episode, we learn the how’s and why’s of following our joy, so that we can experience a deeper sense of enjoyment, ease, magic, and meaning in our life. 


  • Why many of us have learned to block our own happiness, and how to reconnect with our inner joy. 
  • Why the “work now, play later” approach to life rarely helps us find true happiness. 
  • How to discern what truly brings you joy from the mind chatter that tells you what “should” make you happy.
  • Why our happiness is not dependent on what is going on in the outside world
  • How joy is the best fuel for productivity
  • How living in joy attracts more joyful experiences into our lives
  • Why living in joy is one of the greatest gifts we can bring to the world!


Two of my favorite books on cultivating the state of presence which is so crucial for following your joy are:  The Power of Now and The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

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