EP30: The Magic of Mediumship with Tina Conroy

Sep 29, 2020

This week I had the honor of interviewing psychic medium, intuitive, reiki master, and yoga teacher Tina Conroy. Tina is the director of energy and Healing Center for wellness and Integrative Medicine in Roslyn, New York, and the host of The Intuitive Woman podcast.  I had a great time learning more about Tina and her unique gifts,  And I am sure you will too!

Here are some of the highlights: 

•   Tina talks about how her grandmother’s prophetic dreams were viewed as “bad” by her family, and how this shaped her initial feelings about her own intuitive gifts. [2:05]

•   Tina tells us about her own dreams, which have always been a powerful way for her to connect with her inner knowing. She also shares how her intuition blossomed after she began practicing reiki. [5:22]

•   We discuss the importance of setting clear boundaries with the spirit world and aligning with only the highest channels of intuitive energy and wisdom.  Tina shares that there is some information she asks the guides not to share with her, such as medical diagnoses for her clients or information that someone is going to die, because she wants to avoid playing into her clients’ fears. [7:30]

•   We discuss the difference between mediumship and intuitive readings.  Tina says that the two experiences feel different to her: connecting with spirits is a higher vibration than intuitively reading a client’s energy.   [8:52]

•   We discuss how our intuition can sometimes be very subtle and personal. The experience of tapping into your inner wisdom is different for everyone; for example, Tina is more receptive to visual information than I am, whereas I am more kinesthetic. [14:30]

•   Tina explains that it is often easier to read for someone else than it is for yourself because our emotions, beliefs, and attachments can make it difficult to find neutrality when receiving information for ourselves or our loved ones. [26:10]

•   Tina reminds us that intuition is available to everyone, not just a chosen few.  You too can learn to tap into your inner wisdom to enrich your life, improve your relationships, make better decisions, and feel good about yourself and your life. [35:00]

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