EP3: Have you lived before? Understanding reincarnation

Mar 24, 2020

In this episode, I share what I have learned about reincarnation through my spiritual guidance and work reading past lifetimes for many clients. My personal belief in reincarnation has shifted my perspective on death and allowed me to fully connect with the fact that though this personality will die, my soul is eternal. Following this perspective can help us connect with the deeper purpose of our human experience.

Here are some highlights: 

  • We are all spiritual beings, temporarily having a series of human experiences for our own learning and growth. Through reincarnation, our spirits take on different personalities and perspectives so that we can learn, grow, and eventually find our way back to our true spiritual essence. 
  • When we come into our human forms, we typically forget our spiritual origins.   
  • Some people spontaneously remember their past lives. This can occur during hypnosis, the dream state, or when experiencing flashes of intuitive insight. Some professional psychics and intuitive healers also have the ability to see past lives on their client’s behalf. 
  • Our highest selves and spirit guides plan our lifetimes for our own learning and growth.  Our soul has free will, so we are free to change the plan at any time, but we usually don’t unless it serves our highest purpose. The struggles in our lives are often pre-planned to support our soul growth and mission; this is what it means to say that things happen for us and not to us. 
  • Karma is not punishment. It is a spirit’s way of balancing your experiences so that your soul can experience life from many different perspectives.
  • Earth is going through a huge transformation right now, which means there is a great potential for many people on earth to experience a spiritual awakening. Many of you who are listening to this podcast today or podcast like it are part of that process.  


Three of my favorite books on reincarnation are: 

Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift by Robert Schwartz

Many Minds. Many Masters by Brian Weiss

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