EP2: Trusting Your Intuition

Mar 24, 2020

In this episode we talk about our namesake topic, intuition, and how we can learn to connect with and trust our own inner wisdom. Many people come to me wanting to learn how to awaken their intuition and trust in their own inner guidance.  If you have ever wondered about the power and potential pitfalls of trusting your intuition, then this episode is for you!  

Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Your intuition is your spiritual GPS system: at your core, you are a spiritual being, temporarily having a human experience for your own learning, growth and enjoyment.  Intuition connects you back to your latent spiritual wisdom.
  • Everyone is intuitive because we are all spiritual beings.  Most of us lose touch with our intuitive knowing because we live in a society that places more value on our conceptual, thinking minds and does not provide a framework for understanding our intuition. 
  • Intuition works best when we are able to still our thinking mind and be fully present with ourselves and our experiences. Mental noise often blocks and distorts our intuition.
  • Unlike thought, the voice of our intuition is usually very calm and clear, and without a strong emotional charge. 
  • Sometimes our unconscious biases and learned associations can look like our intuition.  For example, you may have an off feeling about someone who reminds you of a kid who bullied you in middle school. It is important to be aware of these biases, and not to confuse them with our true intuitive knowing. 
  • Intuition is different from wishful thinking. People sometimes confuse their intuition with what they would like to see happen. Intuition works best when we do not have a strong attachment to outcomes.  
  • Our intuition is never wrong, however our minds can misinterpret our intuitive wisdom. 


One of my favorite books on trusting your inner wisdom is Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette. 

You can also check out Activating Your Intuition, my new online, self-paced course for tapping into your intuitive knowing.

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