EP 11: Energy Tools with special guest Robin Friedman

May 19, 2020

So much of our lives are ruled by our unconscious programming: Beliefs we have learned about ourselves and the world during childhood that continue to affect and limit us as adults. How can you see something that you have never been without?   This week’s guest, the fabulous Robin Friedman, shares how to find out what is in our childhood programming and simple tools for shifting our energy.

Robin is an integrative energy practitioner who uses many modalities, including Body Code, Emotion Code, EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. Her passion is helping people release the hidden blocks that keep them from their own light, genius and health. She teaches classes online and locally in Portland, Oregon and has clients all over the world.

Highlights in this episode:

  • Robin shares about her work and her journey to becoming an integrative energy practitioner
  • Robin tells us how she experiences her intuition, and how it took her a long time to let go of how she thought intuition “should” work, so that she could tune into the way her intuition speaks to her
  • We discuss the value of muscle testing, and how this simple tool can help us to tap into the wisdom our bodies. 
  • We learn about how we absorb negative beliefs about ourselves and the world during childhood, and how much of our adult lives is just replaying our childhood programming.
  • She also explains how anxiety and fears can be passed on through the family line, and how we can begin to release and shift these energies. 
  • Robin shares some of the tools she uses to support people in releasing their unconscious programs, such as Emotion Code, hypnosis, and EFT.   
  • Robin teaches us a simple technique for sensing your sensing your own energy body.
  • Robin shares her “activating your visualizer” exercise, to help people tap into the power of healing visualization.  


You can find Robin’s free Ebook on muscle testing and so much more, by going to her Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/RobinFriedmanEnergy/

To learn more about Robin’s work, schedule a free 15-minute Let’s Chat appointment, and/or to sign up for her super informative once-a-month energy tip newsletter, please go to: www.RobinFriedmanEnergy.com

If you would like to learn more about Emotion Code, one of the techniques that Robin mentions in the episode, check out The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Intuition speaks to each of us in a completely unique way.  For support and guidance in connecting with your own inner wisdom, check out my self-paced, online course, Activating Your Intuition. https://victoriashawintuitive.com/courses/activating-your-intuition/

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If you would like guidance and support on developing your intuition, check out my self-paced online course, Activating Your Intuition https://victoriashawintuitive.com/courses/activating-your-intuition/

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