EP 95: Embracing the Pause: An Intuitive Reading with Maggie

Jan 25, 2022

Maggie, this week’s guest, was feeling unmotivated, tired, and overwhelmed.  She felt stuck emotionally and spiritually but was finding it difficult to give herself permission to rest and regroup.  

We all go through periods of life where we need to take a pause. Maybe we have been working too hard or carrying too much responsibility? Or perhaps, like Maggie, we are at a crossroads in life and need to slow down, step back and allow ourselves to step out of the stream of constant doing, to discover new paths and new ways of being.   In this episode we learn how to navigate these periods in life, particularly when they occur in the midst of one’s spiritual awakening. 

Some key take-aways from this episode: 

  • Many of us have learned that it is not ok to feel sad, tired or stuck.   But these are just feelings, and our emotions can often be the bearers of important information.  The best way to get through a difficult experience is to allow yourself to feel the feels, without getting lost in them.  Ultimately, they will show you the steps you need to take to get back on track. 
  • Sometimes we need to take a pause to re-evaluate the course of our lives, and begin to see some new options and paths for moving forward.
  • We often learn patterns of behaviors in childhood by watching our caregivers and significant others.  If for example, our parents worked constantly and never allowed themselves to rest, we would learn that this is the preferred way of living, and may unconsciously take it on as our own. 
  • Oftentimes during a spiritual awakening we are called to follow a path that is very different from that of the dominant culture. This can initially result in feelings of confusion, separation and disorientation because other people do not understand or embrace what we are going through. 
  • As humans we all inherit many beliefs about how we “should” live our lives and what society considers to be worthy and valuable.  The only thing your spirit is calling you to do and to be here on earth is to express your own beautiful divine nature, and this will be different for each of us, and can change over the course of a lifetime.    
  • If we want to align with our soul, we have to be prepared to let go of all the things we think we ‘should’ be doing. 
  • Your intuition is the best tool you have for moving through challenging periods of life.  By listening to and connecting with your soul, you will be shown what is right and true for you, and the best path for moving forward. 

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