EP 92: Manifesting Miracles

Jan 4, 2022

The law of attraction is a fundamental law of existence whereby we attract into our lives that which matches our energetic vibration.    In this episode we explore the law of attraction and how we can work to more consciously create a life of joy, abundance, and spiritual fulfillment.  I also share a personal story about manifesting miracles in my own life. 

  • The Law of attraction works with the sum total of the energy that we offer to the universe.  This includes not just our conscious thoughts, wishes and desires, but also our unconscious fears, beliefs and longings.
  • The loudest, strongest, most emotionally charged energy is the most likely to attract matching experiences into your life. 
  • A lot of the messaging we receive around the Law of Attraction is around controlling life from the level of ego, rather than through alignment with your soul. 
  • The truth is that we are creating all the time, and the trick is to learn to do so with more awareness and alignment. 
  • We create more readily when we are not highly attached to the outcome, believe it is possible, and are vibrating with the energy of possibility rather than the energy of lack. 
  • To increase your vibration and conscious creation potential, focus on where the Law of Attraction is already working for you.  This will help you begin to experience yourself as a powerful creator. 

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