EP 90: How to Get What You Want

Dec 7, 2021

Oftentimes what we THINK we want are not ultimately what will bring us the most joy.  We get stuck in our social conditioning that tells us what we SHOULD want, and lose touch with our authentic desires. So how do we figure out what we actually want and attract more authentic joy into our lives?   This week’s episode explores how we can get what our soul truly desires.

Key takeaways:

  • Your spirit is always giving you clues and nudges of what truly brings you joy.
  • Your intuition will always guide you back to the things and experiences that will make your soul shine.
  • When we align with that brings us joy rather than chasing it, we change our whole way of being.
  • The mind wants all the answers at once, but intuition will send us on a path of discovery. We need to learn to be ok with the unknown.
  • Steps to take to get what you want: trusting your intuition, surrendering the need to figure everything out, letting go of attachment to the outcome and not judging what is good or bad. 
  • When we learn to align with and make peace with whatever is going on in the present moment, we can become super present and hear the still voice of our soul guiding us to our true desires.

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