EP 89: Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Spiritual Sovereignty featuring Lopa van der Mersch

Nov 30, 2021

I received a really intriguing email from this episode’s guest, Lopa van der Mersch and I knew I had to share her story and wisdom with the audience. Lopa is an entrepreneur and the owner and founder of Rasa, a coffee alternative but she is also a former member of a cult.  Join us as Lopa shares how her search for deeper spiritual meaning and knowledge led her into a cult, how she found her way out, and how she developed an even deeper connection with her own spiritual wisdom through this experience. 

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Lopa shares her story of how she became a member of a cult.
  • Lopa shares her insights on the difference between cults and healthy spiritual practices.
  • High demand cults will impose on your freedom and privacies, such as requiring you to share all your personal conversations.
  • Lopa shares her light bulb moment, when she and her husband realized they were in a cult and took the necessary steps to break free.
  • Every experience is part of the learning process and contributes to our soul’s evolution and growth.
  • True spiritual teachers support their students in navigating their own unique connection with the divine.
  • Everyone’s experiences are unique, including how we receive our intuition. Our intuition is our communication with the divine.

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Losing Reality: On Cults, Cultism, and the Mindset of Political and Religious Zealotry

by Robert Jay Lifton

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of ‘brainwashing’ in Chinaby Robert Jay Lifton 

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