EP 87: The Gift of Toxic Relationships featuring Jean Atman

Nov 16, 2021

So many of my clients come to me with struggles around their relationships.  I am thrilled to share soul evolution and energy medicine specialist, Jean Atman with the Intuitive Connection audience. Join us as we share wisdom on how to navigate toxic relationships, looking under the surface to see why we attract these relationships and how to make changes in our lives.


  • How do you know if you are in a toxic relationship?
  • How to shift when you are feeling stuck
  • The difference between conceptually understanding self-help information verses embodying a different energy.
  • When we can find out who we really are at our core and activate that energy, we can then start to actually make changes.
  • The difference between thinking versus feeling.
  • How we limit ourselves and how we can shift those limitations.
  • If you are imbalanced within yourself, you will draw in the counterbalance in a partner. For example, over-givers will always attract overstakers.  
  • Self-care is soul care, when you take care and honor your needs, desires, and wants.

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