EP 86: Stepping into Expansion: A Reading with Maria

Nov 9, 2021

I love sharing intuitive readings on the podcast!  There is so much we can learn from each other’s stories and experiences.  This episode features an intuitive reading with Maria.  Join us for the guidance that came through on how we can find the courage to step into our power and expand in a life filled with more joy, purpose and creativity.

Some highlights: 

  • Creativity is not limited to the visual or performing arts. It is a way of life! 
  • How rigidity can affect our creativity.
  • If we are taught that “thinking big” is not safe, it can be challenging to expand.
  • How expressing our own unique voice is important.
  • How to choose teachings that resonate for you.
  • You will find ease, joy, expansion and flow from the things that your soul vibes with and wants to express.
  • Our creations are most fulfilling when they come through the energy of joy.

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