EP 81: The Art of Surrender: A Reading with Jenny

Oct 5, 2021

I just love doing intuitive readings on the show.  So much guidance comes through in these readings, and I believe that we learn so much from each other’s stories and experiences.  In this episode, Jenny asks for guidance on how to deepen her practice of surrender, as she takes on the challenge of selling all of her belongings, living nomadically and learning to let go of her Type A mentality.  


**Surrender means that you let whatever is happening in the present moment be as it is without judgment or resistance. 

**We can get so caught up in the continual push for “self improvement,” we can forget to celebrate all of the progress we have made. 

**Change can be challenging at times and it is normal to fall back into old patterns. When old patterns appear, it is important not to judge yourself and just notice what you are experiencing.  Treat these moments as opportunities for continued learning and growth. 

**Life is ever evolving and you are allowed to change your mind.  Every step is part of the journey and provides valuable information even if it doesn’t work out how you thought it would.

**Honor your journey and path, and try to let go of the need for other people to understand and validate your choices.  Your value and worth comes from within and is best expressed by living purposefully and authentically. 

**By focusing on what brings us joy, we can expand on that joy, and attract more joyful experiences into our lives. 

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