EP 73: Talking Signs with Fern Ronay

Aug 10, 2021

Do you believe in signs from the universe?  This week’s guest, Fern Ronay, feels so strongly about signs that she created a podcast, and has authored two books on the topic.  In this episode Fern shares her own personal experiences with signs, as well as some incredible sign stories from her podcast.  

Key takeaways:

  • Fern shares her own major personal experiences with signs and how they have given her faith that our deceased loved ones are still with us.  She explains how we can even receive signs from passed loved ones who we never met. (4:00)
  • Fern shares about how her deceased grandfather supports her from the other side  by leaving her pennies.  During one especially frustrating late night at her job, she opened a drawer looking for a lost stapler and discovered it was full of pennies!  She took it as a message that everything was going to be alright and to ‘just keep going.’  To this day, whenever Fern needs to know ‘everything is going to be alright’ a penny appears, often in a surprising way. (6:00)
  • Once you become aware of signs and are open to receiving them, they will start to appear more frequently.  The important part is to tune into how you feel.  You will have an inner knowing when something is truly a sign. (7:30)
  • It can be easy at first to dismiss the appearance of a sign as “ just a coincidence.”   But if you pay careful attention you may notice that signs will continue to present themselves until you finally have enough evidence to convince you that they are real. 
  • Victoria shares her experience of asking to receive a sign of dolphins and how they began to appear in various ways. (9:00)
  • Signs can help us make sense of the confusing parts of human experience.  For example, signs from our loved ones validate that they are still with us, even after they have left their physical bodies. (14:00)
  • Fern shares a special story of one of her guests who received signs from her best friend’s husband who passed on 9/11.  One time she was driving on the highway with the top down and smelled his cigar smoke.  Then she felt like he was speaking to her.  Finally, She got out of her car to go into the DMV and was handed the number 911 as her ticket to be helped. At that moment, she knew for sure he was with her. (14:30)
  • Fern and I discuss her writing process.  There is no right or wrong way to write or create, it is what resonates and works best for you.  For example, some writers fly by the seat of their pants and work it out later while others are planners and like outlines and everything organized before writing. (23:30)

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FB: www.facebook.com/FernRonay/


Better in the Morning by Fern Ronay

Better Believe It by Fern Ronay

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