EP 72: The Trap of Comparison

Aug 3, 2021

Are you in the habit of comparing yourself to others? Comparison is one of those common habits of mind that we all fall prey to now and again. And it can cause so much unnecessary suffering! In this episode we discuss strategies to combat the trap of comparison so we can live with more ease, joy and grace.

We compare because the egoic mind gets its sense of value through individualization and the sense of being lesser or better than someone else. Comparison does not make sense in the bigger picture because we are all unique individuals on our own paths, so we will always be comparing apples to oranges. (4:30)

As we learn to embrace our uniqueness and individuality while also understanding that we are all connected, we will naturally find more peace, love and joy in our lives. (8:00)

Comparison is a habit and the first step to shifting this is to begin to notice where, how and why it is showing up in your life. We have the ability to change the story around what is triggering us. The important thing is to not judge what comes up and sit with our feelings because when we resist, we give those thoughts and feelings even more energy. (13:30)

We can honor the gifts in ourselves and others without comparing at all. For example, we can say ‘wow that person is a beautiful dancer’ without adding ‘and I am such a clutz.’ (17:30)

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