EP 70: Finding Your Creative Flow

Jul 20, 2021

Have you ever been so absorbed in what you are doing that you lose track of space and time and are simply swept away in the current of your own creativity?  This is the experience of being in the creative flow.   In this episode, we discuss how to get into your creative flow and some of the ways in which we can get stuck.

  • Flow is our natural state.  But when we get stuck in our minds and start trying to figure everything out, we can become disconnected from the deep flow of our creativity and life. (1:00)
  • In order to align with the great flow of life and creative force, we have to learn to let go and align with our highest self and create from that place. Letting go of the ‘shoulds’ and the idea ‘this has to be perfect is key.  (5:00)
  • Joy is a big part of the creative process. Society often teaches us to block the joy that is naturally within us.  Watching children and animals play is a great example of how to just be in joy. (8:30)
  • The purpose is about sharing the gifts of your soul and expressing your true nature while here in human form.  It is not necessarily what we achieve in the outside world. (11:00)
  • A great exercise to help get into the flow is to “brain dump” and write for five or so minutes allowing whatever wants to come through without editing. (15:00)
  • Some other ways to get into the flow include:  Dancing to your favorite music and just allowing your body to move whatever way it wants, and painting without having a plan or specific intention other than to just let the brush move where it wants to go. (18:00)
  • We are creating all the time and learn from the process whether we like the final result or not. (20:00)

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