EP 68: Losing Your Mind

Jul 6, 2021

You are not your mind.   Yet, so many of us on this human journey, get so lost in the illusion of the mind that we forget that we are more than the habitual chatter of our mind.  As someone who literally got a PhD studying the mind, disidentifying with the mind has been an interesting and sometimes challenging journey.  In this episode,  we explore the limits of the mind, and how to lose your mind without growing crazy. 

  • The mind is a beautiful gift and a part of the human experience.  The key is to be able to integrate and work with the energy of the mind without fully identifying with it.
  • We develop our minds over time through interactions, experiences, and beliefs systems we learn from family, community, and era we are living in.  The mind allows us to navigate our human experience, but we want to make sure we don’t get lost in that and forget that we are a spirit having a human experience.
  • When we have a spiritual awakening, we begin to have awareness that we are not the contents of our mind and bring in more of our spiritual self.  As we awaken, it’s important to stay grounded and be able to still function in the human world.
  • Working with the energy of the mind means recognizing that we are the observer of our thoughts and not the thoughts themselves.
  • Ways we learn to disidentify with the mind include: meditation, becoming familiar and aware of your mind and the stories that are playing, and taking time to do things that allow your mind to go soft.

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