EP 67: Breaking the Habit of Complaining

Jun 30, 2021

Are you a chronic complainer?  That was me, years ago, before I learned how to free myself from the habit of finding fault with the present moment. In this episode, we discuss how to let go of complaining and learn to make peace with what is. 

  • Many of us are addicted to complaining and finding fault with the present moment.  This can lower our vibration and keep us from experiencing the joy of the present moment.  (2:00)
  • The first step to breaking any habit is to become aware of when you are doing it.  It’s important not to judge yourself or your behaviors, but rather to simply notice where you are complaining and gently shift to more empowering thoughts. (4:30)
  • There is a difference between complaining and feeling your feelings.  The complaint is finding fault with the present moment and typically about trying to control. When we complain, we disempower ourselves. (6:30)
  • A complaint is a trick of the mind that separates us from the magic of the present moment.  Practicing mindful awareness will help us to begin to break the habit of complaining.  We can’t control the habitual workings of the mind but we can stop feeding the voice of complaint and focusing our attention elsewhere. (11:00)
  • It is natural and normal to have preferences.  And there will always be circumstances that we prefer over others. Complaint, only comes in, when we begin to focus on how the situation “should” be, rather than how it is.  (14:30)

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