EP 59: Breaking the cycle of self sabotage: A reading with Joanne

Apr 27, 2021

Do you struggle with self-sabotage?  In this episode, our guest Joanne, came for a reading to address a life-long pattern of self-sabotage.  I am excited to share the guidance that came through and shine some light on an issue that I know so many people struggle with.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • We have a tendency to beat ourselves up over our “undesirable behaviors,” but everything in life ultimately serves a purpose.  When we begin to understand how these behaviors have been serving us, we can make peace with all parts of ourselves and discover new, more effective ways to get our needs met. (1:30)
  • Sometimes certain behaviors and patterns run through our family lines. We may learn these behaviors through modeling and/or pick them up energetically.  As we heal these patterns in ourselves, we have the opportunity to affect everyone in our family line, in both the past and future (4:46)
  • When exploring the purpose of your behaviors it’s important to be kind to yourself. You can have a dialogue with these “parts” of yourself, and ask them how they are serving you. For extra support, you can also complete this process with a trusted helper, coach, or therapist. (13:42)
  • It’s important to focus on the positive things in our lives, and what is working rather than all the things we perceive that are not.  Be mindful of your wording. If “but” statements start to creep in, return to focusing on only the positive.  (15:29)
  • Making peace with our shadow sides is key.  What we resist, persists.  We are all imperfect beings and the more we can embrace our imperfections, the easier it is to find our way through them to a higher and more aligned way of being. (17:00)

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