EP 53: Living with Loss – An Intuitive Reading with Susan

Mar 16, 2021

In this episode, we have another intuitive reading with our guest Susan!  Susan reached out for guidance in navigating a new relationship after the passing of her husband 3 years ago. We touched on a number of topics including soul life planning and how we use challenges in life for our own growth and development. 

  • Our souls plan the major touchstone moments in our lifetime, including the death of a loved one, before we are born.  In Susan’s case,  both Paul and her souls knew that would probably not be together for an entire lifespan.
  • Souls can support one another even after one has left their physical body.  Paul’s spirit shared that he feels he can support Susan better from the other side.   Even though no one really leaves before their time, we still experience grief, hurt, and anger and it’s important to honor our feelings.  Our deceased loved ones are often nearby to support us in processing the grief surrounding the loss. 
  • It is OK to move forward after a loss and to recognize that new adventures, experiences, and relationships will not change or diminish the love that came before.  Instead, we can use the love that we experienced with our previous relationships as the springboard for moving forward.
  • Our relationships usually present opportunities for us to grow and evolve.  They often serve as a catalyst for uncovering and healing our childhood wounds. Sometimes it’s a chance to accept and meet people where they are.  For some people, it may present as an opportunity to put healthy boundaries in place.  

When listening to intuitive guidance for someone else, see what insights and wisdom resonate for you.

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