EP 51: You Are Enough

Mar 3, 2021

We are constantly receiving messages from the outside world from advertising, social media, businesses, the news, and friends and family about ourselves and our own inherent worthiness.  Unfortunately, most of these messages are rooted in scarcity and fear, leaving us to believe that we are not enough.

In this episode we explore how we become more aware of these potentially damaging messages, and tell ourselves more empowering stories. The truth is, you are enough.

Some key points: 

  • Most of the messaging we get from advertising, social media and even sometimes our friends and loved ones is based in fear and scarcity. (1:21)
  • Advertisers have been taught to sell by telling us that we are broken or wrong, and that only their product can fix us. (10:00)
  • For many of us, these messages become internalized and we start to believe that we are not enough.  (6:40)
  • We can shift our perspective by becoming more aware of the messages we receive both internally and externally, and shifting our own internal dialog to one that is more positive and empowering.  (8:06)
  • When seeking support, look for people who empower you, rather than those who treat you as a problem to be fixed. (4:03)
  • Spreading the message of love and abundance will make the world a better place. (13:01)

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