EP 49: How to Learn From Our Past Lives with Cindy!

Feb 23, 2021

Join us for an intuitive reading with our guest Cindy who is contemplating retirement and curious about past lives.  Remember, even though this reading and guidance is for Cindy, there is much wisdom to be gained.  As you listen in, see what information resonates for you.

When we have decisions to make whether it’s contemplating retirement or really any decision, we want to avoid limiting our possibilities by thinking and believing it has to be this (retirement) or that choice (not retiring). When we let go of the how and tune into what our spirit wants and what brings us joy, we discover the full range of opportunities and options available to us.

It can be helpful to identify any beliefs that might be holding as we are making decisions.  For example, if you are thinking about retiring, but you are holding onto a belief like ‘only I can do this job’ or ‘I will be letting people down’, you may get distracted from choosing what feels right for you on a deeper, intuitive level.  

The outside world can serve as a great mirror for what we need to learn, how we need to grow, and what the world wants us to discover within ourselves even when it feels challenging. The more we can start to find our voice, our way and our own inherent goodness, even when the world does not mirror that back for us, the more we are walking the talk of what our spirits are here to do. 

As we develop and grow spiritually, we start to recognize the world is just the stage we set to unfold the experiences for our highest growth and development.

Exploring our past lifetimes can be helpful in understanding the lessons our soul wants to learn in this lifetime.  Cindy discovered a past life where she had experienced circumstances quite similar to those she is facing in her present lifetime.  Our souls choose to experience the same lesson in different lifetimes, because those different perspectives are how we learn and grow.

Remember, we are here to experience joy in life and it becomes easier when we can tune into what our soul truly desires.

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