EP 48: Selfish is the New Black with Krista Resnick

Feb 16, 2021

Joining us on the podcast to share her wisdom is Krista Resnick. 
Krista is an empowerment coach, spiritual teacher, and leadership expert. She helps women develop a high-quality relationship with themselves by uncovering their purpose and being an expression of that each and every day.  Krista teaches women how to live with courage, clarity, and conviction by leaning into who they really are, what they want, and how they’re going to get it.

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Self-care is about activities that nourish our souls and bring us joy.  Although things like massages or relaxing in the bathtub can be great, if we don’t do the internal work, we will go right back to being stressed.
  • There are many ways to listen to our souls. Krista explains that most of us live in a frenetic energy space with today’s go go go mentality.  We need to calm our nervous systems to help get out of the frenzy mode and be able to tune in and start to notice what’s going on on a deeper level.  
  • Breathwork is a great place to start learning to calm your nervous system. Krista mentions Box breathing and the 4-7-8 breath as her go-to breathing techniques.
  • Krista shares her own story of living in a ton of frenetic energy; always trying to prove herself, being a people pleaser, and being a bit of a perfectionist. One day, she had a massive realization and shift when her toddler misinterpreted and internalized her challenging day as ‘mommy, why don’t you like me.’  Our children can be our greatest teachers.  Krista now has a beautiful relationship with her now-adult son thanks to that teaching moment and turning point many years ago.
  • Refraining from judgment and having compassion is an important part of self-care but can be challenging because society has taught us to beat ourselves up.  One of the best ways we can start to practice compassion for ourselves is by paying attention to our self-talk and inner critic.  This allows us to identify patterns and stories and be able to do the inner healing work.
  • We talk about how an action is important but if you take action based on core wounded beliefs, you can create more problems.  It is our responsibility as humans to go back and heal from those wounds that were created in childhood.
  • The best way to teach kids self-compassion is by example because they are little sponges and watch everything that we do. There are so many ways we can show our children self-compassion and self-love, something even as simple as taking a compliment is impactful.
  • Krista believes that self-care can be difficult for people because it is not tangible, especially for high achievers.  You don’t get a trophy or diploma for self-care.  We need to look at what stories we tell ourselves about self-care like self-care is a waste of time, I can operate on empty, etc.
  • Krista suggests changing the word ‘failure’ to ‘feedback’ because words and the energy behind them have meaning.  

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