EP 45: Staying In Your Own Vibration

Jan 26, 2021

Everything is energy.  Even you!  In this episode, we explore the magic of our own energetic vibrations, and how to raise and maintain our vibes.  We discuss the common misconception that compassion means “matching” the energy of another person’s suffering.  I share my favorite tools for keeping my energy clear.

  • Each of us has our very own signature vibration that determines not just how we feel, but also how we experience our lives. Your vibratory pattern will change depending on what you’re doing, who you’re around, and what you’re feeling.  We also have a unique energy vibration that we contribute to the collective and the planet.
  • Feelings of joy, love, and peace vibrate at a higher frequency than pain, fear, and resentment.  There are no bad feelings, and we all experience the full range of emotions from time to time.  The higher our vibratory set point, the better we feel and the more we connect with our true spiritual essence. 
  • A great way to raise your vibration is to surround yourself with a community of people who have a higher vibration.  Who we choose to surround ourselves with can be a big difference in how we feel. 
  • Many of us have learned that it is not OK to feel good when other people are feeling down. But, you don’t need to step into someone else’s energy to have compassion. True compassion is about holding your own vibration and holding the space for others to heal in their own way and their own time. 
  • Spending time in nature is a natural way to raise your vibration. Man-made creations like buildings and computers vibrate near the level of thought. The natural world is of a higher vibration and much more naturally aligned with the flow of life.
  • Another great way to raise your vibration, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed, is to make time to do the things that bring you joy. This is not about what you think you should do, but rather by tuning into your deeper longings.   When we learn to listen to what we instinctively need, it is much easier for us to reset our energy.
  • Physical movement is another way to fine-tune your vibration.  Pay attention to what your body needs at the moment because it can change: Vigorous movement can be a way to help us release and let go of energy, like overwhelm. Slower movement, like walking, can feel really good and soothing in our bodies. Inspired movement, like dance, can help us tap into that sense of play to raise our vibration. 
  • Spending time alone as you uplevel your vibration can be very helpful. It allows you to spend time in your own energy so you can remember what your energy feels like and release that urge to merge with other people’s energy.  This can mean a few hours or for some people, it may be a few days to themselves.
  • Remember it’s ok to stay in your own energy. Take some time to honor your own natural desire to experience your own highest vibration. It’s the single best gift that you can give to yourself and to the planet.

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