EP 44: Inside Out Living with Karen Maloney

Jan 19, 2021

In this episode, our guest Karen Maloney and I talk all about emotions and what it means to align with your true self. 

Karen worked as an events manager for years before following her true calling as a woman’s inside-out coach and energy practitioner.  Karen helps clients on their awakening path to creating lasting changes from the inside out by realigning their inner compass and expanding towards their own personal truth. 

  • Karen shares her story of starting an inward journey as a child due to an early trauma and explains that we can put up solid walls instead of healthy boundaries as a way to protect ourselves.  
  • Most of us are not taught how to manage our emotions. When we ignore our feelings they don’t just go away, the emotions will linger.  We need to go in, sit with our feelings, and allow them to be as they are. 
  • We discuss how a lot of the messages we receive from childhood and society is that success and happiness are found externally when the real magic is in going inside and discovering what truly brings you joy.  
  • Karen explains how suppressing our emotions and not knowing our true selves can be exhausting. Karen shares her experience of finding the courage to open the lockbox of her exiled emotions, and the lightness she felt after finally acknowledging their presence. 
  • Karen explains how she teaches her clients to name their emotions, experience their energy in the body, and learn to accept and become more comfortable with the full range of our emotional experiences. 
  • Karen shares how during an extremely challenging point in her life, she heard a voice offering her two choices:  staying miserable and missing out on life or accepting the situation to move forward. Karen shares how choosing acceptance completely changed her life. 

Resources & Links:

Learn more about Karen or work with her by checking out her website here: https://www.soulpowerlight.com/

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