EP 42: Names and Numerology with Novalee Wilder

Jan 5, 2021

Have you ever been curious about numerology?

Today on the podcast we have a special guest, Novalee Wilder who is a professional numerologist and author of A Little Bit of Numerology, Volume 21: An Introduction to Numerical Divination. 

Join us as we dive into what numerology is and how you can use it to enhance your life!

  • Novalee shares her experiences with intuition including realizing it wasn’t about her intuition getting stronger, it was about trusting her intuition more.
  • Novalee shares how she was first introduced to numerology at a challenging time in her life.  After seeing drastic shifts in a friend’s life after changing her name with numerology, she decided to pursue a name change herself.  Novalee began to experience a lot of shifts including falling in love, getting married, and losing weight.  It was so impactful,  Novalee decided to learn more about numerology and now teaches it to others.
  • Novalee shares with us that numerology is a spiritual tool and ancient esoteric science that works with the vibration of numbers and letters.  There are two schools of thought on numerology, the Pythagorean method, and the Chaldean method.
  • Novalee shares how she uses the Chaldean method, which looks at the day and year you were born. From those numbers, she sees something about your life lessons and goals, personality, inherent strengths, and drive.
  • Everything holds a vibration including our names. Novalee shares why some people change names. She explains that practice is not unusual in certain cultures.
  • Novalee shares how you can use numerology to get a read on anything, including the energy of the upcoming year.   She offers the example of the reading she did for 2020.
  • Victoria and Novalee talk about what it means when you see repeat numbers. Novalee says you can look the numbers up but she feels it’s a simple way of your guides or the universe saying ‘hey, I need your attention a little bit.’  When this happens, try to slow down, meditate, and tune in to what your guides are saying and ask yourself why am I seeing this right now.
  • Novalee does a numerous scope, which is a certain calculation where we put your names and your birthday together using Victoria as the example.

Resources & Links:

Read Novalee’s book or book a Numerology session with her to dive deeper into your number scope via her website here https://www.novaleewilder.com

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