EP 41: Manifesting with the Law of Attraction

Dec 15, 2020

This episode focuses on the Law of Attraction:  The idea that everything is energy and we create our reality by attracting people, things, and events that match our current energetic vibration.  We discuss some common confusions that people have around the hows and whys of manifesting, and how we can learn to more consciously create our reality, while still flow with the deeper current of life.

  • The law of attraction is an underlying principle of human existence.  You are always manifesting your reality, the trick is to do it more consciously and intentionally. 
  • There is a critical difference between creating from the spirit and creating from the level of ego.  The more we learn to manifest from our highest selves, the more rewarding, joyous, and meaningful our lives will become. (1:30)
  • Some people mistakenly believe that if we create our own reality, then it must be our fault when things don’t go our way.  But life is a messy and confusing process, and not everything is or should be immediately within our conscious control.   As you become more consciously aware it will be easier to shift and manifest (3:02)
  • We will continue to chase what we desire until we learn that beautiful gifts come from within. (5:25)
  • The law of attraction teachings can be frustrating when until we come to understand manifesting is a divine and complex dance. (7:18)
  • When we are manifesting, we can send out counter messages (limiting beliefs) to the universe and not realize we are doing this. This is all part of the learning journey and we have the ability to discover these limiting beliefs and heal them.  (7:57)
  • Focusing too much attention on our limiting beliefs can become a trap where we end up focusing on our perceived limitations and are constantly trying to “fix” ourselves. (10:28)
  • The outside world is a broken mirror.  When we search outside of ourselves for our sense of joy, worth, and abundance we will always come up short.  The more you recognize that everything you desire already exists within you, and the universe is waiting to help you, the more you will flow your energy towards experiencing those things in the outside world. (11:26)
  • Your mind knows limitations but your spirit does not operate on those principles. The more your surrender to spirit, the more she will provide. (16:21)

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