EP 39: Grief Yoga with Beth Segaloff

Dec 1, 2020

Today on the podcast I had the opportunity to speak with Beth Segaloff. Beth is a Licensed Master of Social Work, life coach, Reiki Master, registered yoga teacher, and a certified firewalking instructor. 

Join us as we talk about the grief process, Beth’s personal healing journey, grief yoga, and the many ways in which Beth works to support others on their healing journeys.

  • Beth shares her story of loss, her healing journey, and how she slowly started to transition from school social worker to supporting others through various modalities including grief yoga. (1:13)
  • Victoria and Beth talk about how life-changing experiences can take you in unexpected directions. Beth shares some of the experiences she never imagined having, like fire walking and taking a yoga dance workshop in Costa Rica. (6:40)
  • Beth and Victoria share how grief comes in many forms, and not just the loss of a loved one. Beth explains whether our experiences are little traumas or big traumas, pain is pain. (8:06)
  • Victoria and Beth discuss the stages of grief, including a sixth: meaning.  Beth reminds us that the grieving process is not linear and we can cycle back through the stages. (11:18)
  • Victoria and Beth talk about finding peace after loss and how your perspective continues to change with the passing of time. (13:04)
  • Beth shares that while the traumas she has experienced aren’t going away, her relationship continues to change and evolve. She talks about finding meaning in difficult experiences and how she supports others to do the same when they are ready. (14:47)
  • Beth explains that grief yoga is really an experience and journey using movement, breath, and sometimes sound to release struggle so you can connect back to love. (17:04)
  • Beth shares what intuition means to her, and how she experiences her inner wisdom.  She talks about continuing to cultivate her intuition by making it playful. (20:30)
  • Victoria and Beth talk about doing things from a place of joy and play.  Beth reminds us that our bodies also remember the joy, not just “the issues in our tissues”. (23:09)
  • Beth wants the listeners to know that you’re not alone and to give yourself permission to ask for help. (25:06)

Resources & Links:

If you would like to learn more about grief yoga or book one of her healing services contact her through her website: https://www.bethsegaloff.com/

Stay up to date with all of Beth’s events and upcoming offers by adding her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BethS8/or following her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beth.segaloff/

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