EP 37: Connecting to our Inner Wisdom – An Intuitive Reading with Leanne

Nov 17, 2020

In today’s episode, we have our second intuitive reading with our guest Leanne.  Leanne reached out with a fantastic question many people can relate to.  Join us for an intuitive reading and guidance on, “how do I deepen my connection with my inner wisdom?”

  • Leanne shares her current experiences and struggles with sometimes being in the flow with, and other times feeling disconnected from her intuition. (1:22)
  • Victoria tunes in and picks up a sense of grief and loss.  She reminds Leanne that loss is a common human experience and comes in many forms (3:45)
  • Victoria receives guidance about Leanne’s intuition and gifts, including being able to sense people’s needs and help them effortlessly.  (8:05)
  • Victoria shares one way to connect with your inner wisdom and enjoy life more is to focus on gains and not losses. (12:50)
  • Leanne shares about her limiting belief that success isn’t for her and the constant pressure she feels to outperform despite her many accomplishments. (14:13)
  • Victoria receives a message for Leanne from someone who has passed on. Victoria explains that sometimes when people hurt us, we need to understand they are operating at their own level of awareness. (20:16)
  • Victoria explains how when we do things, like writing a book, from a place of joy, readers will receive that beautiful energy. (23:59)
  • Victoria and Leanne talk about trust and surrender. Victoria shares ways we can tap into our intuition. (24:50)

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