EP 36: Soul Smart Wisdom with Karen Garvey

Nov 10, 2020

It’s not every day that you get to interview one of your mentors.  In this episode, one of my first teachers, Karen Garvey, joins us for a discussion on intuition, enlightenment, and tools for navigating these chaotic times.  Karen shares the incredible story of how she awakened to her intuition, and how she now serves as a conduit for universal wisdom. 

Time Stamps

  • Karen shares about her sudden intuitive awakening on 9/11, 2001 when she envisioned the events of the World Trade Center bombing before she had any logical way of knowing what was going on.  (1:19)
  • Karen explains how she discovered that intuition is not a gift reserved for just a select few, and how everyone is intuitive.  Part of her mission is to help others connect with their inner wisdom. (5:04)
  • Victoria and Karen talk about serving conduits when giving others guidance. (8:31)
  •  Karen shares the two components of enlightenment and how individual souls rarely excel at both. (13:41)
  • Karen explains throughout history we experience different periods of accelerated enlightenment.  When we create things that are not aligned with the positive vibration of enlightenment, it will eventually deconstruct, and this creates a lot of chaos. (18:17)
  • Victoria and Karen talk about how to avoid getting caught up in the shakiness that happens during times of change and how we can be most helpful to others when we are able to stay in our own highest vibration.  (21:56)
  • Karen shares how her intuition works.  She shares the way she experiences intuition is broader and grander than what most people experience because she chose to spend time developing it. (23:05)
  • Karen leaves us with the idea that anytime you are immersed in negative emotions, to remember they are temporary and what we have been taught on earth. When you peel back the layers, you will understand that the soul really resides in joy. (28:19)

Resources & Links:

If you are interested in connecting or working with Karen Garvey sign up for her newsletter through her website: https://www.karengarvey.com/

Another way to work with Karenis through her online course for Happiness available at https://www.happyin90.com/

Are you ready to leverage the power of your inner wisdom? Check out, my self-paced, online course, Activating Your Intuition: https://victoriashawintuitive.com/courses/activating-your-intuition/

Want to learn more about my work, or suggest a topic for a future episode? Go to https://victoriashawintuitive.com

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