EP 35: A Glimpse Into An Intuitive Reading With Pam

Nov 3, 2020

Have you ever been curious about what happens during an intuitive reading?  If so, tune in as I do an intuitive reading for our guest Pam.  This is the first reading I have done for the podcast and it was so much fun!

Special moments in this episode to tune in for:

  • Pam shares being a little nervous but was “intuitive curious” and really wanted to experience a reading.  (1:30)
  • Victoria explains that this hesitation can be seen with therapy as well and that is her understanding that the guidance that comes through is what you are ready to hear.  She reminds Pam it’s always important to tune in with yourself and see what resonates.  (2:05)
  • Victoria tunes in and is feeling lots of internal changes and shifts right now for Pam.  They dive into all the shifts going on in the world along with identity shifts people feel as they become empty nesters. (5:10)
  • Victoria explores a past life with Pam and explains how past lives can come up in a reading to help us understand something in this lifetime. (10:19)
  • The guides give us a beautiful message that we take on a variety of human experiences in different bodies for our learning and growth, and that most of us learn best through multiple perspectives. (22:21)
  • Victoria wraps up touching on intuition and Pam shares that she feels calm and enjoyed the session. (24:25) 

Resources & Links:

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