EP 33: Divine Downloads with Lisbeth Overton

Oct 19, 2020

In this week’s episode, I talk with Lisabeth Overton who is a registered nurse, spiritual coach, podcast host, and the creator of the Divine Downloads oracle deck. Lisbeth shares her journey from overwhelmed, “spiritually bankrupt” nurse, to living a life of joy and wonder.   We discuss her empowering story and the many ways she works to support others in following their own spiritual paths. 


  •  Lisbeth shares her journey about feeling unfulfilled even though she had all the markers of success, and how she came to recognize herself as being “spiritually bankrupt” (1:22)
  • Lisbeth shares receiving a message from her higher self, telling her to create the Divine Downloads oracle deck (4:40)
  • Lisabeth emphasizes that when you are in a receptive state to hear your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance, life becomes easy, joyful, and fulfilling. She talks about how we are conditioned to believe that life has to be a struggle versus the ease you can experience when you are tapped in. (7:32)
  • Lisabeth talks about the process of creating her oracle deck and how she overcame her doubt and limiting beliefs.  (9:30)
  • Lisbeth shared her belief that everything is connected and there are no coincidences. (11:35)
  • Lisbeth and Victoria talk about our human conditioning and spirituality. Lisbeth emphasizes that this is a journey and not something that happens overnight. Lisbeth mentions coming from a place of curiosity versus being hard on ourselves. (14:33)
  • Lisbeth shares from her experience how our creativity and imagination can be blocked.  She talks about looking at anything causing you suffering from a lens of wonder. (18:08)
  • Victoria and Lisbeth talk about intuition and the importance of following your own unique path. (19:20)

Resources & Links:

Tune into Lisbeth’s podcast the Spiritually Savvy Nurse Podcast here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-spiritually-savvy-nurse/id1526855244

If you would like to join one of Lisbeth’s upcoming retreats or work with her 1:1 go to

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