EP 32: Connecting with Your Inner Child

Oct 13, 2020

In today’s episode, we explore how to work with your inner child.  At some point along our journey, our inner child can be wounded if the world didn’t reflect our inner magnificence. We have the ability to connect with our inner child energy and allow for powerful healing to occur.

  • Our earthly experiences can lead to confusion and distortion not allowing us to see our own magnificence. (2:11)
  • We discuss the human sense of who you are versus the deeper spiritual essence. (3:42)
  • We all get a little bruised on our journey, regardless of how wonderful or not our childhood experiences were. These bumps will be repeatedly triggered until we tend to those inner child needs.  (4:50)
  • We have the power to heal these wounded self.  In order to do this, we must acknowledge our inner child’s feelings as they surface. (6:23)
  • Sometimes your inner child throws a temper tantrum.  We talk about what to do when this happens. (7:00)
  • Our inner child has different needs.  Sometimes the inner child is expressing pain, and other times it’s asking for more joy. (9:00)
  • We need to build a relationship with our inner child and to reconnect with parts of ourselves that have been lost. It’s important to do this from a place of allowing. (9:30)
  • Finally, we dive into the 3 step process for working with the energy of your  inner child to heal the parts of you still lost in the human confusion. (12:13)

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