EP 29: Letting Go of the Script

Sep 22, 2020

In this episode we explore the art of surrender and talk about how letting go of our plans and expectations can sometimes lead to greater rewards. As an example, I share how my process of recording these podcasts has evolved over time as I have learned to be more comfortable recording without a script.  I then offer some simple exercises that listeners can use to get more comfortable letting go.


•  I once made it my mission to always be over-prepared.  I would have been horrified to give a talk (or record a podcast episode!) without knowing exactly what I was going to say and how I was going to say it.  But through my work as an intuitive counselor and coach, I have learned that I do my best work when I remain fully present, letting go of the script and allowing my highest wisdom and guidance to come through me. [1:05]

•  Our intuition only functions in the present moment, and the present moment is always changing.  The more we can learn to tune into what’s happening in the now, the more effectively we can respond to what’s happening in our lives and what our intuition is trying to tell us. [3:06]

•  It is natural and normal to want to plan. The trick is to be flexible and not let your plans take over your life.  Think of life more like an improv than a fully scripted play: you know the characters and context, and maybe even have some ideas about the events that could unfold, but once the curtain goes up you surrender to the present moment and the process and just see what unfolds. [7:23]

•  Sometimes we over-prepare due to the fear of making mistakes.  We believe that if we anticipate and prepare for everything that could possibly go wrong, then we will be safe.  The problem with this approach is that you cannot possibly know what the future holds, and we risk getting lost in the planning and anxiety of trying to control everything and losing track of the present moment. Mistakes are a natural and normal part of life, that we should recognize and learn from rather than spending all of our time and energy trying to avoid. [10:20]

•  Your higher self has a plan for your life, but your small mind (the one that tries to make all the plans) is not always privy to that.  The more we can learn to let go, and trust in this the greater plan, the easier it will be for us to fulfill our soul’s mission. [14:00]

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