EP 25: Are You an Old Soul?

Aug 26, 2020

We often hear the term “old soul” to describe someone, often a child, whose wisdom and grace seem to go beyond their age and life experience.  In this episode, we talk about what it means to be an old soul and the idea of “soul age” in general.  We also discuss some of the special challenges that older souls face and why older souls are so important right now to the collective growth of humanity.

  • Soul age comes from the idea that we are all spiritual beings in physical form and that we experience multiple incarnations on earth as part of our soul’s learning and growth. Old souls are those who have experienced many different lifetimes on earth. [1:00] 
  • Old souls are not better than younger souls.  All souls are equally valuable.  Just like you wouldn’t say, a twenty-two-year-old is better than a four-year-old.  They are just at different stages of development and, as a result, have different needs, goals, and experiences. [7:40] 
  • Old souls can sometimes feel alone, isolated, and misunderstood because they are at a different point in their development than most other human beings on earth at this time. [7:51]
  • You can’t necessarily tell someone’s soul age based on how things go in their outside lives.  It is not necessarily the case that older souls have easier or more accomplished lives than younger ones because what is considered desirable on the human level may or may not be advantageous to your soul’s growth and development.  [8:44]
  • An old soul often has an innate desire to be kind to others, create harmony, and not participate in unnecessary dramas.  Older souls do best when they follow their own, internal moral compass, and don’t get overly hung up in the dogma of what other people think is a good idea. [2:15]
  • Old souls have come to this planet with many gifts to share. The more they can connect with their own authentic selves and express their highest truth, the more they can be of service to humanity. [7:20]

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