EP 24: The Wisdom of the Body with Heather Strauch

Aug 18, 2020

Our society is so focused on the mind that many of us have lost touch with the magic of our bodies.  This is especially true for women, whose bodily concerns have often been dismissed or misunderstood by the male-dominated, left-brained medical establishment.  In this episode, our special guest Heather Strauch invites us to explore the magic and wisdom of the female body. 

 Heather is a Physical Therapist, pelvic floor specialist, and founder of A Different Approach to Physical Therapy in Norwalk, Connecticut. Where she draws on her training in physical therapy and her intuition to help patients rediscover the magic of their own physical forms.

Key Points:

•    We discuss how Heather combines her training in physical therapy and extensive knowledge of anatomy with her intuition.  A lot of conventional therapy focuses on listening; Heather explains that “we can listen with our ears, but we can also listen with our hands.” She loves that her work always feels playful and enjoys learning along with her patients about what is going on with their bodies. [5:30]

 •  Heather shares how her intuition speaks to her when working with patients, not just through her hands, but also on that first contact when they are sharing their story and she receives “downloads” on what is going on with their body. [9:50]

•  We discuss how trauma is often stored in the body as aches and pains, and how bodywork can be so essential to releasing the hold of these traumatic experiences and returning our bodies to a healthier state. [2:55]

•  Heather talks about the importance of being respectful of the body, and not trying to force anything.  She gives the example of a file drawer, and the advantage of coaxing it open gently rather than forcing and risking breaking it. [8:26]

•    We discussed the importance of boundaries when doing hands-on healing work, especially as an empath.  Heather attributes her strong boundaries to practices like yoga and meditation that help her stay grounded, and the experience of unconditional love she had as a child.  She is also “clear that we are all individual souls and there is oneness in our energy, but who we are in human form is very protected and sacred to me.”  [11:17] 

•  Heather shares her personal experience with her birth of her first child when the doctors told her he had a fatal condition. She meditated and had a conversation with her son’s spirit, who told her everything was ok. This gave her the courage to trust her intuition even more and become even more caring and patient-centered in her practice. [17:32]

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