EP 22: How to Speak your Soul with Spiritual Business Coach, Katia Rave

Aug 4, 2020

Katia Ravé is a business coach who supports her clients in building their businesses through public speaking. Katia shares about her journey from White House hairdresser to business coach, and how she uses her intuition in her personal life, coaching work, and as a keynote speaker.  This episode is full of great information for service-based entrepreneurs, and those are looking to do more public speaking. 

Key points to tune in for: 

  • Katia shares the importance of building your business from a place of passion, but how passion alone will not get the job done.  [22:30]
  • Katia walks us through some exercises she uses to help her clients tune into what they are passionate about, and how she teaches her clients to tune into their energy to connect with their true passion, as opposed to what they think should bring them joy.  [10:30]
  • We discuss the importance of using your intuition to connect with the energy of the audience when public speaking.  And how preparing to far ahead of time can work against your ability to stay present and intuitively connect with the audience. [17:00]
  • Katia shares the importance of focusing your energy on the people in the audience who are resonating with your message. Rather than wasting your energy on the few people who are not.  And remembering that is never about you, but about how you can be of service to the audience. [22:00}
  • I shared my own process of getting out of my comfort zone and speaking whatever comes through from my guides without preparation, and how this helps me connect with my inner wisdom and be a clear channel for the messages coming through. [27:05]
  • Katia shares her professional journey and how she learned to use the failures in her life as opportunities for learning and growth.  We also discuss how we could use the wisdom gained through our own life struggles to support others who might be experiencing similar challenges. [28:55]
  • We discuss the importance of remembering that a service-based business is still a business and that there is nothing wrong with making a living through your work in supporting others. [22:30]


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