EP 21: Elevating your Soul with Jen Abra

Jul 28, 2020

In this episode, I interview the amazing Jen Abra, “Singing Medium,” reiki master, spiritual coach, podcast host, and author of Unearth Your Intuition. I just loved our discussion about mediumship, intuition, self-care, and boundaries, and learning more about Jen’s powerful work and personal journey. I’m sure you will too! 

Key Points

  • Jen shares about her powerful journey from overwhelmed, “zombie” mom to a psychic medium, and how an incident with the vacuum cleaner and some Legos awakened an inner voice that began guiding her on her spiritual path. [6:05]
  • We discuss how her intuitive gifts blossomed after her first reiki attunement, and the strong connection and reverence Jen feels for the practice of reiki. [2:01]
  • Jen shares how she learned to set boundaries in her business and with the spirit world, and how service is not the same thing as sacrifice. [12:49]
  • Jen graciously allowed me to share some information that was coming through for her about her past life experiences with reiki and being a spiritual oracle in ancient Peru. [17:10]
  • We discuss how to handle transitions in your life and career as you continue to grow in your own spiritual development and the importance of letting go of attachments to other people’s expectations and outmoded ways of doing things. [25:59] 
  • Jen tells us about the importance of practicing spiritual surrender, and the value making the choice to align with the process of life and “let the universe do its thing.” [25:45]
  • Jen shared how she gets her intuitive guidance through visions, songs (hence the title “singing medium”), and Disney movies! [29:33]
  • Jen offers some intuitive insights into what the rest of 2020 may have in store for us. [29:10]
  • Jen’s cat makes an appearance towards the end of the interview.  See if you can hear her friendly, meows. [28:00]


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