EP 189: My Journey with Muscle Testing

Nov 27, 2023

In this episode, I share about my experience learning to muscle test. Muscle testing is a technique that allows us to tap into the intuitive wisdom of the body. It relies on the fact that your muscles typically go weak when something is not in alignment. Learning this technique did not come easily for me. I am not entirely comfortable asking definitive, “yes or no” questions, which is necessary with muscle testing. I also discovered I was surprisingly nervous about making mistakes! Learning to muscle test brought me back to those days when I was first learning to tune into my intuition, and the process of learning to trust the messages that were coming through. Such a great reminder of the importance of letting go and not taking anything too seriously, especially when it comes to connecting with our inner wisdom! Tune in to learn more about the magic of muscle testing, and how we can learn to trust in our intuition more.

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