EP 18: Talking Tarot with Beth Leas

Jul 7, 2020

Beth Leas is the founder of Tribe TLC, a vibrant community of holistic practitioners and wellness entrepreneurs. She has been offering transformative healing experiences for over 30 years and is passionate about supporting others in awakening their inner healer and learning to live life well.  During our discussion, Beth describes her journey as a transformational healing practitioner, the many tools that she uses in her practice, and what she considers to be the most powerful part of her work.

Key points:

  • Beth describes herself as a cosmic cheerleader, raising the vibe of our planet by working as a 1-to-1 energy healing practitioner and helping other spiritually-minded entrepreneurs build their businesses. [3:50]
  • Beth shares some of the tools she uses to support clients, including Reiki, Tarot, and meditation, and tells us how her practice has evolved over the past three decades.  [5:30]
  • Beth jokes that she “gets paid to do nothing,” since the work of a healer is really about holding the space for clients to remember who they really are and connect with their own inner resources. [9:44]
  • We discuss the importance and the challenge of letting go of our attachment to outcomes when working as a healing practitioner. The client is 100% responsible for their own healing; our job is to be patient and trust the process.  [10:25]
  • Beth explains how energy healing works by raising your energetic vibration. She offers the analogy of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner where “you just shake all that stuff up and all the dirt and gunk and grime that is covering the brilliant diamond that you are just falls away.” [8:01]
  • Beth discusses how she connects with her intuition through meditating, and how discovering meditation when she was 15 years old changed her life. [6:13]
  • Beth shares how she uses Tarot as a tool for transformation, and to help clients tap into their own inner wisdom, rather than for trying to predict the future.  [17:30]
  • We discuss how there are no “bad” tarot cards: as Beth explains, “just like [things in our life] are not good or bad, they just are.  It all depends on how you look at things.” [5:10]

Resources and links: 

To connect with Beth and learn more about her unique services and offerings go to:  www.BethLeas.com and www.TribeTLC.com.

You can also follow Beth on Instagram and her TLC Tibe – @Tribe_TLC, and on Facebook.

To learn more about Tarot and Beth’s upcoming book check out her TLC Tarot page on Facebook

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