EP 171: Is It Intuition or Anxiety? Featuring Amber Trueblood

Jul 24, 2023

We live in a world where fear so often takes the lead, and grabs for our attention, while the voice of our soul is often more subtle.  Part of learning to listen more deeply to your inner wisdom is learning to distinguish those inner nudges from all the noise of our fearful minds.  In this episode, anxiety expert and bestselling author, Amber Trueblood, joins me to explore the different ways in which anxiety manifests in our lives, and how we can learn to discern the difference between intuition and anxiety. 

Tune in as we discuss:

  • The five anxiety styles. 
  • How learning your anxiety style can increase self-compassion for yourself and understanding of others. 
  • Practical strategies to manage your anxiety.
  • Ways to tell the difference between intuition and anxiety. 
  • The importance of staying heart-centered to properly hear your inner guidance. 

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