EP 17: Understanding Signs From The Universe

Jun 30, 2020

We often think of intuition as something that happens within us, but our guidance also communicates to us through signs in the outside world. In this episode, we will explore common spirit signs such as angel numbers and animal messengers.  We will learn what spirit signs are, how they work, and also some of the obstacles and pitfalls we might run into when we work with signs.  

Key points to tune in for:

  • The first step to working with signs is to start paying attention: the more we open ourselves up to receiving messages from the universe, the more they will appear to us. [3:35]
  • Virtually anything can be a sign from spirit, and our guides know how to work within our belief systems to deliver messages in a way they will be best received. Some common examples of signs are seeing repeating number sequences like 1111, animal visitations (like the time we saw a pig walking up to our suburban driveway!), and words or passages that unexpectedly grab your attention in a magazine or book, or in songs playing in the background. [6:24]
  • One of my favorite ways to open myself up to signs while I mull over a question is to go on a spiritual scavenger hunt, where I let my mind go blank and just see where my attention is naturally drawn to in my environment. This works especially well in natural settings. [8:57]
  • One way to know if something is really a sign is to look for patterns:  your spirit will keep giving you the same message until you get the memo.  Personally, whenever I get the same message three times, I know it is not a coincidence and that I need to take note. [14:18]
  • The best way to interpret signs is to use your intuition.  There are a number of ways to do this: for instance, you can meditate on the sign and see what comes to you, or look up the meaning of the sign in a book or on the internet and see which interpretations feel right and true to you.  [15:13]
  • When we work with signs, we need to take care not to overanalyze our experiences or look to signs to confirm our fears (?), and to avoid patterns of paranoid or magical thinking. [19:03]
  • Signs, like all forms of spiritual guidance, always come from a place of love and not fear; our guides do not intend to scare us, but rather to gently get our attention through signs and synchronicities. [21:21]

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