EP 129: How to Be Who You Really Are

Sep 20, 2022

The greatest gift you have to offer the world is your own unique energy and perspective.  Yet many of us have been conditioned to believe that our value lies in matching some external standards and being who we think others want and expect us to be.  In this episode, we discuss how to reconnect with your own authentic self so that you can experience the magic of being who you really are.    

Key Takeaways:

  • Being yourself is not something you “try” to do, it’s more about simply allowing yourself to be who you really are. 
  • Your uniqueness is a beautiful expression of your own inner divinity, and a big part of what you are here on earth to do.
  • Being authentic means expressing your own unique gifts, rather than molding ourselves to others’ expectations.
  • When we stay true to ourselves, we naturally attract the people, experiences and opportunities that will make our soul sing. 
  • Comparing yourself to others is never a worthwhile comparison. We all have our unique gifts, and just because yours don’t shine through like someone else’s, doesn’t mean that you’re not gifted or worthy of sharing your uniqueness!
  • You can discover what’s special about you by following your joy, remembering what you loved as a child (before you were conditioned), and by acknowledging qualities you admire in someone else, as they are within you as well.
  • Being authentic means loving yourself as you are, honoring your uniqueness, and aligning with your highest self.

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