EP 121: Loving the Voice In Your Head

Jul 26, 2022

We all have a voice in our heads that criticizes, complains, steals our joy, and if we are not careful, can take over our lives. In this episode, we discuss how to have a loving relationship with our inner critic and how we can use the power of attention and intention to create more space around our thoughts and treat ourselves with more love and compassion. 

Key Takeaways:

  • You are not your thoughts or your mind. You’re a beautiful, expansive soul and your mind is one aspect of something much greater! 
  • The first step in dealing with this unhelpful voice is to bring awareness to it and recognize it’s a voice in your head that comes from conditioning and isn’t the truth. 
  • When you become aware of this voice, you can start to create space around that voice by focusing on something that’s more interesting and loving.
  • Anything that’s not in the vibration of love is not who you really are and it’s in your power to control where you want to direct your energy. 
  • The next time you find yourself in a harmful mind loop – recognize it, take a step back and focus on what you’d like to believe instead, like how you’re divinely perfect just the way you are!

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