EP 12: The Truth About Soulmates

May 26, 2020

Are you looking for your soul mate: that perfect romantic partner who will finally make you feel whole, and complete your life?

The popular myth about soul-based relationships does not tell the whole truth.  In this episode, we discuss some common misconceptions about what it means to be someone’s soul mate and explore the deeper meaning of our connections to other souls.  

Highlights in this episode:

  • The popular myth is that soul mates are a perfect person outside of us who will ‘fix’ us and make us whole.  The problem with this idea is that we are already whole and complete, and the best that another person can do is serve as a mirror to your own inner beauty and magnificence. 
  • We are all spiritual beings in human form; soul mates are people with whom we have a deep spiritual connection, or that our higher self has planned for us to meet during this incarnation. 
  • Relationships between soul mates are not necessarily romantic relationships.  Soul mates can also be friends, family members, teachers, colleagues, or even more distant relationships.  
  • Sometimes we spend our entire lifetime with a soul mate, and other times they cross our paths for a more limited period of time.  Just crossing paths with a soul mate for an instant can be a transformative experience
  • Not all soul mate relationships feel joyous and magical.  Soul mate relationships can also be challenging! Sometimes we are drawn to a particular soul because the relationship is here to give us an important lesson, or balance karma from a past lifetime.  
  • The relationships we have with one another as spirits are not always the same in our human relationships —  some of us would be very surprised to discover who are soul mates are and who they are not! 
  • Our spirits often travel to earth in groups who have reincarnated together over multiple lifetimes.  These souls are usually on the same level of spiritual development and are usually working on similar lessons. 


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