EP 119: How to Read Oracle Cards

Jul 12, 2022

Tarot, oracle and positive affirmation decks are a wildly popular and helpful tool to assist us in connecting with our intuition. In this episode, I share my personal experience using oracle cards and share some insights into the helpful and less helpful ways of using them. Cards are meant for playing, so let’s have fun with this one!

Key takeaways:

Oracle cards can help us get out of our mind, surrender to any possible outcome and connect with our inner wisdom.
Some potential pitfalls of oracle cards include overthinking the meaning or misinterpreting the message of a card.
There is no such thing as “bad” cards. All cards have a divine message and are neutral, loving and supportive when they come from the soul level.
Use discernment when choosing an oracle deck. Choose a deck that is life affirming, empowering, and makes you feel good!
It’s important to set an intention when working with oracle cards. Release fear and align the messages that support your highest good!
Oracle cards, like all other spiritual tools and signs in the universe, are here to awaken our inner knowing and not replace it or take away our power.
All forms of guidance are cooperation with you and your highest self. If a reading doesn’t resonate with you at the time, let it go! The message will come to you when it’s meant to be received.

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