EP 118: My Story: How I Awakened My Intuition and Stepped Into My Greater Purpose

Jul 5, 2022

This podcast brings me so much joy, but sometimes what feels missing is YOU and your engagement and interaction alongside me. That’s why I love hearing from listeners and having the opportunity to answer your questions on the show. This week’s episode was inspired by a listener’s question, asking me to share my story of how I went from being an Ivy League psychologist and overwhelmed mother to talking to spirit guides for a living. Tune in as I share stories from my childhood and how everything changed when I took my first intuition development class. As you listen to my story, remember that we’re all unique and we each have our individual stories, all special and beautiful. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • From a young age I could feel other people’s feelings, knew things I had no logical way of knowing and tuned in to wisdom and guidance far beyond my years. 
  • Spirituality wasn’t talked about in my family, but I always felt a deep connection to the divine even if I did not have a frame of reference for understanding what I was experiencing. 
  • Like many children, I shut down aspects of my psychic knowing, because I was not supported in understanding my multisensory awareness. 
  • When we set the intention to connect with our inner wisdom, our intuition blossoms effortlessly and quickly.
  • Everyone has intuitive gifts that are unique to them and their soul’s expression. 
  • The more we raise our vibration and release what no longer serves us, the more space we create for our highest self to shine through.
  • Intuition is the gift that keeps on giving: the more you connect with your inner wisdom, the stronger it becomes.

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