EP 114: Intuitive Eating Revisited

Jun 7, 2022

Our culture bombards us with messages of how we should and shouldn’t look, and what we should and shouldn’t eat.  There are so many rules (many of which are constantly changing) about what is “good” and “healthy” and what is “bad” and “should be avoided.”  

We all have the innate wisdom to guide us in nourishing ourselves on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  In this episode, we explore ways to reconnect with the wisdom of our bodies, and to eat more intuitively. 

Episode highlights:

  • Intuitive eating is about feeding yourself what feels good in your body rather than what you think is good for you. 
  • True health begins when we learn to feed ourselves from a place of self-love, rather than judgment and fear. 
  • Intuitive eating is about tuning into what feels right in the present moment, and following your own natural inclinations. 
  • No diet or exercise regimen is “healthy” if it is based on self-judgment.
  • You are a beautiful emanation of the divine source, nothing you can do (or not do) will ever change that! 
  • The more we develop a loving relationship with ourselves and our physical bodies, the more we will naturally gravitate towards making choices that support our health and well being. 

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